The LeiKoSi Ladder-Head-Safety-System 2.0

LeiKoSi Ladder-Head-Safety-System with part designation

The LeiKoSi ladder head safety system serves to secure leaning ladders, sliding and cable ladders as well as suitable multi-purpose ladders, which can be used in the leaning position. By correct usage, it protects against lateral and rearward slipping of the ladder.

Even easier, even faster, even safer through our functional optimizer!

  1. Angle control with locking function against too flat setting
  2. Increased contact pressure on the support surface
  3. Ensures always an optimal distribution of forces between ladder and support surface
  4. Simplified handling of the Ladder-Head-Safety-System

With LeiKoSi the ladder stands safe!

Many of our customers and cooperation partners are professionals with a high level of technical understanding (such as master craftsmen, technicians, engineers). In order to always keep our products up to date with the latest technology and thus to meet the high demands of our clientele, innovation and further development have a very high priority in our company. We value the opinions and suggestions of our business partners and incorporate them into the planning and development process.

The fields of usage of our ladder head safety system

Nahaufnahme von montierter LeiKoSi Leiterkopfsicherung an Dachrinne.