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The company LeiKoSi GmbH was founded in 2017.


The LeiKoSi and its history

The company LeiKoSi GmbH was founded in 2017 and started directly with the distribution of its LeiKoSi (ladder head safety device). However, the development process began several years earlier at the Voegeli roofing company.

Inventor of LeiKoSi GmbH, Udo Heyl, is also a master roofer with over thirty years of professional experience. Unfortunately, many ladder accidents occur, especially in the skilled trades. Often because the ladder slips sideways or backwards at the gutter or flat roof connection, for example. Anyone who has ever had a ladder accident knows how quickly it can happen.

In order to better protect his employees and valued fellow craftsmen, as well as himself, he had been looking for ways to secure a ladder in an uncomplicated manner for quite some time. The fuse should not only be reliable, but also efficient in its handling and versatile in its field of application.

Ein Altes Bild der Dachdeckerei Voegeli und eine alte Flasche Wein
Udo Heyl

Inventor of the LeiKoSi

The founder and inventor of LeiKoSi GmbH is on a mission to make ladder accidents a thing of the past. He is not only known from the TV show “Höhle der Löwen”, but also from the MDR show “Einfach genial” and many other formats.

In 2019, LeiKosi won the Federal Prize for Special Innovations in Crafts awarded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and has been unstoppable ever since.

Get to know Udo and his story in his new image film.