The LeiKoSi History

The company LeiKoSi GmbH was founded in 2017 and began directly with the marketing of their LeiKoSi – Ladder-Head-Safety-System. However, the development process started already years before.

Co-founder and Managing Director of LeiKoSi GmbH, Udo Heyl, is also a master roofer with over 30 years of work experience. Unfortunately, especially in the craft, many ladder accidents occur. Often, because the ladder slips laterally e.g. on the gutter or on the flat roof connection or at the bottom to behind. How fast it can happen, knows everyone who has ever suffered a ladder accident.

In order to protect his employees and appreciated fellow craftsmen as well as himself, he has been looking for ways to easily secure a ladder for a long time. The safety system should not only be reliable, but also efficient in its handling and versatile in its field of application.

LeiKoSi Leiterkopfsicherung Kohlezeichnung.

In his more than three decades as a master roofer, Udo himself has experienced many dangerous situations when working with ladders. Including a more consequential ladder accident. However, this only motivated him more to find a solution for ladder securing that satisfies him.

Over the time, a small LeiKoSi team formed.

During the development period, the team worked closely with various professionals from trade and industry. Including experts of the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) and the BG BAU (German institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention for the construction industry). In many hard-working hours, a safety device was developed, which represents an absolute innovation in the field of occupational safety, the LeiKoSi Ladder-Head-Safety-System.

LeiKoSi Leiterkopfsicherung Konstruktionsgrafik.

As a result, the company LeiKoSi GmbH, based in Kaiserslautern, was founded and started directly with the distribution of the Ladder-Head-Safety-System. The Ladder-Head-Safety-System is at the same time the namesake of the company. Because “LeiKoSi” stands as an abbreviation for “LeiterKopfSicherung” which means LadderHeadSecuring. In Kaiserslautern is also our manufacturer, the metal construction company Mischitz GmbH. Here, where the Ladder-Head-Safety-System are made is ensured that each part is of highest quality.

LeiKoSi Mission Statement

What does the LeiKoSi GmbH do?

Our company stands for the best possible safeness when it comes to working on ladders. Furthermore, we’re involved in various parts of occupational safety and accident prevention. Also, we conduct a constant research process when it comes to innovative methods to secure ladders.

What do we mean by quality?

The LeiKoSi Ladder Head Safety System is manufactured to the highest standards and 100% produced in Kaiserslautern (Germany). Frequent quality controls as well as the immediate proximity to the production facility causes our high demands to be met.

Who are our customers?

Especially professional craftsmen, such as carpenters, chimney sweepers, electrical equipment manufacturers, roofers, painters and other sectors of industry and craft already trust the safety of our LeiKoSi. However, governmental institutions, for example the building unit from communities and cities, as well as different civil protection facilities are part of our clientele.
Customer satisfaction is a matter of course for us. You should be pleased with our products and services, also, we are at your disposal in case of questions or suggestions. You can always send your request to us by using our contact form. We attempt to deal with your inquiry as fast as possible and we are not satisfied until you are.

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Employee Management

A company is only as good as the quality and education of their employees. Respect and trust do not only rank first in our dealings with customers, but also in our dealings with our employees. The communication is as crucial as the data and numbers. Constructive feedback is being exemplified and performed by all hierarchy levels; that’s how recommendations and goals come into one’s own. Weekly, we make decisions as a team. Due to the support from individual advancement, every employee gets the opportunity to grow with the company.

Economy and Environmentalism

Nowadays, the environmentalism and economy play an important role in our modern enterprise. We keep our CO2-Emissions low on our transport routes due to the small distance between the production facility and market. Because of efficient lines of communication, as well as thoughtful investment and capital planning, the economic future and development of the company is being solidified.