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The ladder safety device for the gutter from die Höhle der Löwen

Safety on and around the roof is of paramount importance. For this purpose, our ladder protection for the gutter and flat roof is indispensable. Instead of installing multiple ladder hooks, you only have one ladder safety that attaches to the ground on the ladder in minutes.

With the LeiKoSi, the ladder remains firmly and securely positioned during ascent and descent without slipping sideways or tipping due to the flat angle of attack. The LeiKoSi is suitable for various ladders of the common DIN EN 131/1 type and most types of roofs in the professional and private sector.

Learn more about the application in practice in the product video.

  • Safety in all directions:
    Not only prevents the ladder from slipping away, but also firmly fixes it in any desired position.
  • No time-consuming installation:
    Our  ladder safety  LeiKoSi device can be mounted on the ladder at ground level in just a few steps, no tedious screwing on.
  • Safety interlock:
    Protects against accidental loosening and ensures maximum safety.
  • One-hand operation:
    Effortless handling that leaves your second hand safely on the ladder.
  • Customizable dimensions:
    The ladder safety device can be easily adjusted to the height and width of the stile and the slope of the gutter.
  • Universal fit:
    The LeiKoSi ladder safety device can be attached to all gutters, window parapets, balconies and other surfaces.
The patented ladder head safety device

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