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180,000 Ladder accidents

Ladder accidents are a thing of the past with our LeiKoSi

Honored with the 2019 Federal Award for Outstanding Innovative Achievements for the Skilled Crafts Sector


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Did you know that 180,000 ladder accidents occur every year in Germany alone?

Some of these accidents end badly. Others, however, have serious consequences for do-it-yourselfers or tradespeople. Life changes abruptly from one day to the next.

Since 2017, this can be a thing of the past thanks to LeiKoSi and master roofer Udo Heyl. With the ladder head safety device, a product has been developed that protects the user on the ladder from bad accidents.

Learn more about the application in practice in the product video.

The patented ladder head safety device

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Secure your life with the LeiKoSi and purchase it in our online store.

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Der Erfinder der LeiKoSi, Udo Heyl, verpackt seine LeiKoSi und macht sie Versandfertig


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Eine Person reinigt eine Regenrinne mit einer LeiKoSi und dem Rinnen-Reinigugnsset
Only advantages with our ladder head safety device

On the safe side
with LeiKoSi

The user is secured on the ladder by the LeiKoSi, because it prevents the ladder from slipping away from the back and from slipping sideways. This has many advantages not only for business customers, but also for Heimerkern.

Advantages for entrepreneurs

  • Twice as much turnover is possible because no second employee is needed to secure the ladder.
  • You pay only half. LeiKoSi is funded up to 50% by the Berufsgenossenschaft Bau.
  • Your employee remains protected from ladder accidents. You don't have to worry about recourse.

Advantages for do-it-yourselfers

  • Accidents are a thing of the past.
  • The ladder can be easily moved from the ground without having to remove and install the safety catch.
  • You save money in the long run. The LeiKoSi enables you to do dangerous work yourself.
Udo Heyl steht auf einer mit der LeiKoSi gesicherten Leiter
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Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a business customer, secure your LeiKoSi now.

Customer testimonials


What our customers say about LeiKoSi

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Jörg Schuchardt - Bedachungsgesellschaft mbH

Jörg Schuchardt

Master roofer Jörg Schuchardt and his employees use LeiKoSi every day.

With LeiKosi, he not only achieves greater safety in his family business, but also increases the time efficiency of his employees as a result. Since no other employee needs to secure the ladder.

About Us

We are LeiKoSi

Inventor and master roofer Udo Heyl has made it his business to ensure maximum safety when working on the ladder.

He wants to leave well-trodden paths and create innovations that move the craft forward in order to inspire his customers.

Learn more about the history and the managing director of LeiKoSi GmbH.

What is the LeiKosi?

The Leikosi is a ladder head safety device and can be attached to the gutter. It is suitable for the do-it-yourselfer as well as for the business customer.

Who are our customers?

Professional tradesmen in particular, such as carpenters, chimney sweeps, electrical contractors, roofers, painters and other sectors of industry and trade, already rely on the safety of our LeiKoSi. However, our clientele also includes state institutions such as the building management departments of municipalities and cities as well as various disaster control facilities.

What does LeiKoSi cost?

The LeiKoSi is available in our online store for 239,00 € incl. Accessories available.

Depending on the quantity purchased, a price reduction is possible.

Why should I buy a LeiKoSi?

If you are a do-it-yourselfer or a business customer with a trade and do a lot of work on the roof, the LeiKoSi is the right product for you. LeiKoSi protects you and your loved ones from serious ladder accidents.

Udo Heyl in seiner LeiKoSi Jacke, in seiner Werkstatt
The most innovative ladder system in the world

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